Me So Far

Interesting People Are Attractive


How do I know if Me So Far is right for me?

If you've ever instantly become friends with someone after one conversation, then Me So Far is probably for you. The people who come to our events enjoy meeting new friends and learning about their interests because they're naturally inquisitive. Chances are, if you were curious enough to visit a
FAQs, we’ve almost got you.

How many people are there at a Me So Far event?

Usually about 60 (10 presenters and 50 listeners). Just enough to make it lively. Not enough to make it intimidating.

How much does it cost to attend an event?

The cost of attending a Me So Far event is $40. This is to cover the cost of the a private event space and food.  

How can I be a Presenter at Me So Far?

As we announce events, you'll see the option to apply for a presenter slot.  Remember, you don’t need any acting or presenting experience, you just have to be an expert on the subject—you.

Do I have to fit the theme in order to attend?

The themes only apply to the presenters and even then they're usually pretty broad.  Themes help us design the event, especially the questions.  You're welcome to attend if you don't fit (or don't think you fit) the theme. 

So, for example, at our Red Line/Brown Line event, all of the presenters were required to live near one of the two lines.  The audience members tended to live off the red line but there were definitely some blue, green and orange liners in the mix. Yea, it was a good event.  

I’d like to be a presenter but I am not artistic at all – will people laugh at my slides?

Maybe, but that would be a good thing. In fact, some of the most memorable presentations were visually awful.  The presenters are actually encourage to not focus on the design of their slides but rather the breadth of their story.  The slideshow format has very little do with your artistic ability and much more to do with which prompts you choose to answer and how you speak to your slides. This is not an artistic competition, but a sharing of stories.  So don’t worry about your slides.  Think more about what you want to say and share about yourself.  That being said, a basic knowledge of one type of presentation software is definitely useful.  But you can always bug a friend to help you out.  

Doesn’t this format strongly favor outgoing and charismatic people?

Fair question. In our experience, the best presenters are the ones who are just themselves. Being nervous is

natural. And being a little vulnerable is endearing. Hey, a presentation that’s too polished feels a 

little sales-y anyways. But the best way to get comfortable is to attend and see for yourself.

Can’t people lie in their presentations?

We’re not going to lie – it’s possible, but not likely. But when you ask a dating site if a lot of people tell the truth in their online profile, their answer is, “it’s possible, but not likely.”

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Sorry, no. We want to make sure there’s a good group of diverse people at each event, so we need some time to prepare. But that’s the only planning you need to do before attending.

What’s up with the name ‘Me So Far’?

Because we want you as you are right now in your life. We’re all works in progress.