Me So Far

Interesting People Are Attractive

About Me So Far

Me So Far was inspired from a very simple insight: People connect when they listen to each other.
Unfortunately, today’s fast-paced, world of dating isn’t set up to make this happen. Me So Far was created as a new way to meet people - one that emphasizes dimensionality, honest stories and fun.  


Multiple interactions, gradual connection

Me So Far was developed around two key observations about modern dating:

  • Dating is often not the best way to get to know someone. Modern dating isn’t always patient with people. In fact, it can be somewhat cold and impersonal. If you make it past the search process, the courting process is usually dinner and drinks, followed by judgment and verdict.
  • Multiple interactions make all the difference. Most couples don’t experience “love at first sight”—more like love at 31st sight. Me So Far lets people lead with the more personal side of themselves, things that might not come up right away in a typical date—the real things that people relate and respond to.