Me So Far

Interesting People Are Attractive

What to Expect at an Event

Me So Far holds small-batch events that bring together singles from diverse backgrounds who otherwise would not have met. Our events are designed to bring what’s interesting about people to light. Because interesting people are attractive. In short, if you want to be slapped with a nametag and thrown to the small-talk wolves, this is not the event for you.

Here's how it works

We cap our events at 60 people—10 presenters and 50 listeners—to make sure everyone has the opportunity to interact with everyone they’d like to meet, while still being efficient in meeting people. (This is an event to meet people, after all.) And our audiences are carefully selected to have an even mix of men and women, unless you’re at one of our same-sex events.

The agenda is simple. Five presenters, intermission, five presenters—with some interludes on the Me So Far philosophy and observations on the modern dating landscape sprinkled throughout. The evening starts with a quick introduction to Me So Far and explanation of the theme shared by all ten presenters.

Then, the first presenter takes the floor. Prior to the event, presenters get one week to prepare a slideshow based on a list of more than 50 prompts. A few prompts are mandatory, but aside from that, what and how a presenter chooses to answer is completely up to them. And that’s where things get interesting.

The prompts are designed to remove the pressure of pitching yourself with “right” answers, giving presenters the permission and latitude to reveal the things that make them unique. The result? A non-linear snapshot of a person’s life. And a way to get to know them better than you would with a traditional date format. 

Some presenters will tell detailed stories of “something for which you have a natural talent”, others will breeze through photos of their workspace, inside of their refrigerator, and best text message exchange. It’s all up to them and it’s all completely them.

And then, it’s time for the World’s Friendliest Bar.

This is your chance to meet the presenters who caught your eye, chat with fellow audience members, and most importantly—have fun. When else will you find yourself in a bar filled exclusively with single people who are friendly, interesting, and want to get beyond small talk and really get to know you?

But what you get out of the World’s Friendliest Bar is really what you put into it. We’re not matchmakers (although we do have some “minglers” who can help get the conversation going), so if you want to meet someone or get their number, that part’s up to you. And trust us, you’ll want to get some numbers.