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September 12, 2011

Small Batch Dating

That’s just one of the ways we describe the experience of Me So Far “Story Sessions”.  No, we don’t talk about having millions of members to choose from because that doesn’t do much more than require you to scroll through several pages of profiles.  We’re about curating and collecting personal stories around Chicago and putting the people behind those stories together in a room, because we’ve observed that people are more likely to connect over dinner or cup of coffee when they have a thoughtful base on information from which to start.  People start at a Me So Far Story Session and learn about the kind of things that don’t usually come up on the first date, and yet it’s exactly the kind of stuff you’d want to know.  This isn’t about helping anyone check off their list of dealbreakers, but rather giving people the permission, latitude and structure to tell everyone where they’ve been and where they’d like to go.  And, hopefully, people find an itinerary they’d like to learn more about.

September 5, 2011

We’re back – Join us on Sept 30th!

New site, same mission.  We’re hosting our next “Story Session” back at 826 Chicago on the evening of Friday, September 30th.  Get your application in now and we’ll send you all the details as necessary.  We can’t wait!

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