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November 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

Announcing: Red Line/Brown Line

Local Long Distance:
Several years ago I was living off the Argyle Red Line stop, and dating a guy who lived in Wicker Park off the Division Blue Line stop. According to my very good friend, Google Maps, we were a measly 6 miles away. But given the absence of a direct route, impossible parking in my neighborhood, and a 72 bus that can only be described as “few and far between” – it may have well a been a long-distance relationship – so close, yet so far away.

After commiserating with a few friends, men and women alike, I realized I wasn’t alone. A lot of relationships were challenged by something that doesn’t seem like a big deal – at first.

The truth is, dating in Chicago has less to do with distance and more to do with access. If you’re a red liner it’s often easier to travel from Chinatown to Rogers Park than it is to get out to Avondale. Because your train line is about more than commuting. It’s the thread that connects the places we live, and party, and eat, and shop and work – and if we want, even who we date.

You’ve probably noticed that interesting person standing on the train platform time and time again, lost in an alternate headphone world, and wondered where they’re going to or coming from… and maybe even thought that it could be fun to go or come with them.

Or had a conversation like this:

“Oh, what do you do in Chicago”
“Nice. What neighborhood do you live in?”
“Oh yeah? What stop are you near?”

If you have ever done the mental math of how long, how many stops, and how much it will cost if you just wanna drop by for a glass of wine, Me So Far empathizes. (Not to mention those expensive cab fares of desperation in late night and early morning hours.)

We’re not going to stop exploring all the great Chicago neighborhoods. But let’s face it, there’s a lot to be said for convenience. So here’s to microwaves, instant streaming, overnight shipping… and meeting some people that are not very far off your beaten path at all.

Me So Far presents:  Red Line / Brown Line

Sometimes the shortest distance between two people is an (almost) straight line.  Get the details here.

Hurricane Sandy:
A portion of ticket sales and all raffle proceeds will benefit Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts.

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