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June 22, 2013 | 0 Comments

Ditch The Pitch

Ditch the pitch. This is the only advice you’ll get from the Me So Far team.  Well that and, be open.  But you get the idea – we want people to be themselves, not sell themselves.  Nobody wants to watch that – ew. In this advertised society, we’re constantly getting pitched something.  And the instinct isn’t to lean in, but to leave.

The “Pitch” approach makes sense online, where you’re trying to stand out among thousands of profiles.  But in real-life interactions, your best bet isn’t to deliver the catchy headlines; it’s to share that interesting, maybe hidden, tidbit and spark the conversation from there.  Me So Far says save the bulleted pitch list when you’re trying to get a job – not when you’re meeting people. Because pitching often ends up hiding what is REALLY attractive about people.
Me So Far flips this instinct to pitch in the best way possible.  From what we’ve seen over two years of doing this, who you are doesn’t come out in a scripted joke or a list of your advanced degrees, but in the stories you tell. Maybe it’s about how you still haven’t figured out how to fold fitted sheets, or that you earned a master’s degree in a subject you failed in high school.  People at the event now have a reason to help you hack the dreaded fitted sheet, or share how they started a computer business despite having majored in theatre.  One spark leads to another. Our point is, people who are a “great catch” don’t try to prove it – they just are.

"’s HOW you use the format that matters"

Now you might be thinking, “Powerpoint, slideshows, alcohol, people talking about themselves… Doesn’t that scream pitch?”  And that’s a fair question.  But as with anything else, it’s HOW you use the format that matters.  At Me So Far, presenters answer questions that are designed to reveal.  We ask about the things that don’t show up in an online profile, so a slideshow becomes a real peek into someone’s life and, more importantly, a massive running start to a good first date.

Think about it – you don’t want someone to tell you they’re funny and loyal, you’d rather see the .gif they created or hear the story about how they helped a childhood friend pay for college. The beauty of a Me So Far event is that this is exactly what happens.  We break out of the “pitch culture” and get to know each other beyond boxed stats and demographics and get you to the good stuff – the stuff that sets the stage for attraction.  Come check out our next event – you’ll see what we mean.

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