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September 12, 2012 | 0 Comments

The World’s Friendliest Bar

People often go to bars with at least some intention of meeting people. The irony is that bars are actually among the worst places to really meet people.

They’re great places to watch people or listen to people or wonder about people. They’re a great destination for spending time with people you already know. But they’re not great for expanding your circle.

One of best features of Me So Far events (and probably my favorite part of the evening) is the Happy Hour that follows the presentations. I’ve dubbed it “The World’s Friendliest Bar.”  Why?  Because it functions the way people secretly wished bars operated.  With less rubber-necking and more approaching.  Plus, you know everyone is single and available.  It turns into a space where you really can talk to anyone and anyone will talk to you.

And not in a sleazy way. After spending an hour seeing the insides of people’s refrigerators, childhood photos, learning about their quirks and flaws and passions, there’s a shared experience – there’s real stuff to talk about.  Everyone has a feeling of wanting to open up like the presenters did and learning more about the people they’re with. And whether you share your own stories or bond over how cool it was that one of the speakers hand-drew his slides on Chipotle napkins, you instantly have a connection with every stranger at the World’s Friendliest Bar. And you can approach someone or be approached not only without a fear of rejection, but with an excitement of what you will learn about that person.

Want to experience the World’s Friendliest Bar for yourself?  Our next event is Sept. 19th.  It’s Tales From The Quarterlife!  Come hang out at the World’s Friendliest Bar with other folks who are on or around their 25th year.  Get your tickets here. 

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