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Interesting People Are Attractive

February 19, 2014 | 0 Comments


Most people have had a version of the following experience: At first you know her as ‘The Girl from Finance.’ Then she’s ‘The Girl Who Said That Smart Thing In The Meeting.’ Next, she’s ‘The Girl Who Said That Funny Thing in the Break Room.’ And before you know it, you look forward to meetings and you start hanging out in the break room more than usual. And while you know you like this person, you’re also a little surprised. You didn’t think you’d like a girl with dark brown hair who listens to Jane’s Addiction and hates college football. Here’s the reason you like her: because you’re not overthinking it, you’re letting things unfold and evolve and that person is being revealed to you over time.

There’s not a lot of room for unfolding and evolution today. We’ve grown so impatient (for a number of reasons) that those naturally occurring romantic connections are losing their place. It’s THIS space, this moment, this area where Me So Far hovers. And that takes equal parts planning and letting go. Yes, there is a method to Me So Far. But that method is in service of getting to a place where people NATURALLY start to drop their checklists, separate themselves from their online profile and just lean into learning who someone is rather than immediately deciding whether there’s that elusive spark. Sometimes sparks are immediate but many times sparks actually catch us off guard. And being open to this delay can make the difference between ‘The Girl from Finance’ and ‘The Girl Who Shares Your GrubHub account.’

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