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March 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

What’s Your Number?

(No, not thaaaaat number.)

Some people know their answer right away. For others, this question triggers a mental parade of numbers with significance; and choosing just one is the hard part. And for some people, the answer to this question starts first with what has meaning in their life. People think about what they’re made up of, and then put a measure to that ingredient.

“What’s your number?” is one of the prompts in the Me So Far catalog that every presenter answers. Prompts like this are the blueprint for the presentations given at Me So Far events. They’re designed to help people break out of the typical getting-to-know-you questions, and create a new conversational dig site.

“What’s your number” is unique, because it turns a qualitative life experience, into a quantitative data point:

Sometimes it’s used to boast:

4: The number of languages I speak
12: The number of of lives I’ve saved

Sometimes it’s used to invite:

5: The number of times I’ve tried to get reservations at Girl and the Goat
8: The number of restaurant Groupons I have on the brink of expiration

Sometimes, it’s used to admit:

7: The number of Groupons I’ve let expire
58: The number of film festivals from which I’ve been rejected

Sometimes it’s used to reveal:

35: The number of years until I’m free of my students loans
0: The number of times I’ve met my birth parents

Sometimes it’s used to celebrate:

30: The number of uninterrupted minutes I spoke in German
2,000: The dollars I raised when I ran the 2012 Chicago Marathon

Sometimes it’s used to tell a “before and after” story:

2: The number of times I failed chemistry
2: The number of advanced degrees I have in chemistry

But what’s most interesting about these data points, is the way they become ignition points for a conversation that goes beyond the numbers. They are the proof points for who we are, that just beg a follow up question.

And the best part is that everyone has a number

And the best part is that everyone has a number.   Not to mention that when we create frameworks that truly invite people to share not just the shiny, but the not-shiny, parts of their lives, we set the stage for real conversations and connections.  We suddenly have an event, not a pitch session. 

So…what’s your number?  Share it here.  We’d love to see what you come up with and hear more of the numbers that uncover at Me So Far’s next event or tell us if you’re interested in one of our future events and we’ll work to make it happen.

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