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April 3, 2014 | 0 Comments

The Thinking Behind “Meet Our Amazing Friend” Night

I had the idea for “Meet Our Amazing Friend Night” over three years ago. But I knew we had to perfect the core Me So Far event before venturing into other formats. And it’s finally time.

As with most everything at Me So Far, we do our best to take an insight, truth or obstacle about dating today, turn it on its head and make it fun. So, what’s the thinking behind this latest event?

There’s always something magical about wedding toasts. Whether they’re hilarious or simply heartfelt, every guest leans in. But the key to a great wedding toast is the gem factor - the unveiling of a story or trait that the groom/bride would likely never announce themselves. It’s that rare occasion when the narrative is in the hands of someone who knows another so well, in a moment that begs for the non-cliche, set in a semi-private forum.

There’s another time when this kind of “I didn’t know that about him/her - that’s amazing” storytelling occurs - funerals. Not to get somber, but think about it. Eulogies are often packages of a person’s forgotten shining moments. It’s the stuff that didn’t make it to the resume or online profile but stuck to memory.

Okay, back from the sad stuff. Here’s what both of these occasions have in common: wonderful details of someone’s true character being shared at the moment the person is no longer on the market. Come on, why don’t we hear these gems when someone is both available and alive?

So there you have the thinking behind “Meet Our Amazing Friend Night”. We’re taking the wedding toast and swapping roles. It’s time for couples to tell us about their amazing single friend while there’s still time to scoop them up.

There's still time to nominate and toast your single male friend. Do it here by 4/15. 

This is our first-go at the event and we’re testing it in partnership with WBEZ on April 22nd as part of its Singles Series for High Fidelity members. If you’re a HF member, tickets will be released soon and if you’re not, you should! Seriously, if this one goes well it will be the first of many. 

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