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Meet Our Amazing Friend Night

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There's nothing more attractive than hearing how someone is a great friend. However, we often hear the hilarious and heartfelt details of a person's friendship at weddings and funerals. And in both cases that person is not available. While the content of wedding toasts and eulogies are great, the info is a little late, right? Meet Our Amazing Friend Night is all about hearing the what makes a person awesome and worth getting to know while they're both alive and available. In partnership with WBEZ, we're giving couples the chance to toast their favorite single friend and talk about all the things reasons why you should get to know him/her. This event is for WBEZ High Fidelity members and their friends so look in your email inbox for a link to tickets if you and HF member. To learn more about the thinking behind this event, read the blog post!