Me So Far

Interesting People Are Attractive

WBEZ Member Meet-Up

Monday, January 7, 2013

This Monday evening two of Chicago’s champions of interestingness are coming together, so that the city’s single people can do the same.

It’s a natural fit at face value: Two independent organizations, rooted in the community, buoyed by the support of engaged participants, connecting people through story.

But as we prepare for this event at Revolution Brewing Company, we’re getting a little giddy. Because this connection might just go deeper than surface level.

What Me So Far brings to dating, is what WBEZ brings to media consumption. We help people go beyond the headlines, and let the story be the sexy.

It’s one of the things that’s so captivating about public radio: You give the story a chance that you simply wouldn’t in other forums. You tune in without knowing what you’re looking for. You listen to voices not because you know who they are, but because of what they have to say. You listen, because you’re actually learning something. Because you’ve started a process of discovery and you want to keep it going.

Participants at Monday’s event might hear someone sharing a WBEZ “driveway moment”: One of those moments where you got to where you needed to go, but just weren’t ready to turn the radio (ok, or the streaming App) off. Because part of us knows the experience can’t be replicated. We won’t turn it back on and hear the same thing, the same way.

If most media (and dare we say singles events) are repeatable and repetitive, then WBEZ and Me So Far are the captivating rarity.

We think the participants sitting in the audience Monday evening, will experience a strange and wonderful “driveway moment” of their own. A feeling of pulling in, sitting and listening – and no matter where else we could be, just not being ready to leave the conversation.